Tips to Apply Makeup Primer like a Pro

Without the base product, a makeup look is never complete. And, makeup primer is believed to be one of the best base products ever.

There are numerous varieties of primers available all over the market. Namely hydrating, mattifying, luminizing, and many more.

And, even if you figure out the best primer that might suit your purpose, you need to know how to apply the primer like a professional.

So, in the following section, I am going to share some of the most pro tips ever.


Primers come after the Last Skincare Product

You have read it right! Primer is the fundamental base product of all time. And thus, it should always come after you have completed the last step of your skincare routine. Primers basically help to lock all the benefits your skincare products offer you.

Finger is Your Best Buddy

Many makeup enthusiasts use brushes to blend primers. But, if the experts are believed, then it would be better to conclude that your fingers work like magic to blend all the primer in. In case, you are pretty particular about hygiene and all. Then, a damp blender would serve the purpose pretty well too.

Always Let it Dry

It would be wrong to start doing your makeup right after applying a primer. Your primer needs to be settled down. And thus, make sure you wait at least for a minute after applying the primer.

Take As Much As Your Skin can Sip In

Well! This is another popular thumb rule. You do not need two to three dollops just because the labels say. Take the primer as per your skin type. For dry skin, a dollop size would be perfect. Whereas, oily skin beauties must apply as minimum as the person can. Overdoing your primer session might hamper your entire makeup look.

Interestingly, Cosmetics Arena is a platform where many such tips are discussed.


All these 4 tips are sourced right from the mouth of horses. It is indeed not an easy task to master the art in a day. But, with time and practice, you definitely can hone the skill of perfecting your look.